Meeting CSR Objectives – exponentially

Our Solution
Financially including people, makes powerful inroads in the fight against poverty, financial disenfranchisement and the economic exclusion of women. Receiving CSR funds, using the bibimoney wallet, ensures that money can be spent where it is needed the most. Families can decide to invest in training, education, micro-businesses or health.

They have autonomy which builds self esteem. The bibimoney wallet ensures that CSR programme funding is delivered securely and safely. A positive impact delivered for every dollar invested by our partner
Social and Community Impact
Financial inclusion, affects individuals and the community benefits as a whole. Many people are able to save for the first time. In many communities families will pool financial resources to buy shared solar panels, clean water filtration units or building materials. Receiving CSR funds directly via the bibimoney wallet means that the recipients can prioritise spending.

If there is a CSR programme, the funds can be directed into training in the most appropriate sustainable practices or product-use programmes. This allows targeted outcomes on a local, provincial or national basis.
Economic Growth
If CSR funding is directed directly into the community, via the bibimoney wallet, it will generate economic activity at the local level. Local merchants can set up as agents, people will buy goods directly from the wallet and money will stay in the local community, generating employment and boosting local economic growth. Financial inclusion is a proven way to lift people out of poverty and improve their standard of living. An exponential impact of an Impact Alliance partnership.
Financial inclusion sets change in motion. In emerging markets, sustainable farming, production and waste reduction programs are difficult to implement from the outside.

Financially including communities allows funds to be directly targeted at specific programmes to increase the use of sustainable practices. This improves living standards and allows communities the ‘space’ in their day to day lives to drive the development of sustainable practices of all types, from within their community.
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