Bibimoney mobile money solution

We are an award winning British fintech company which has developed a proprietary mobile money solution using our patented SIM-Skin technology (a ‘sticker’ which is applied to the SIM-card of a mobile phone). Our mobile money solution is compatible with all mobile handsets (both feature and smart phones), allowing access to 100% of mobile phone users and works across all mobile networks, enabling full interoperability without the need for data connectivity or USSD.


  • 1.7 billion people in the world are financially excluded with limited or no access to financial services.
  • In Africa and the Middle East some countries’ unbanked population is approx. 80%.
  • People often travel for 1-2 days to access funds to spend on goods, payments for crops or social payments - reducing productivity and increasing lost income.
  • Existing solutions such as cash delivery and closed-loop network (non interoperable) mobile money cannot cater to the whole population and are overly expensive.
  • Our solution can reach 100% of any country’s mobile phone users – most people have a phone or access to one.
mobile solution
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